In our daily life we often encounter situations in which we behave, act and react in a way that we take for granted: Interacting and reacting to others, keeping up a conversation, following rules, making decisions, experiencing and recognizing emotions, feeling motivated or demotivated, showing interest,… Often we know instinctively what to do, sometimes we have to make a decision, sometimes we keep wondering and doubting if we did the right thing.

Psychology seeks to understand the nature of human and animal behaviour and shed some light on situations that come with questions that could be generalized to “Why do we act like this?” In the first blog
Welcome to PsychoDaily
, some of these daily situations are summarized together with the questions that psychology could ask and this blog aims to answer – at least to some extend.

So, let me invite you to discover psychology in daily life, read about experiments, results, how psychology explains human nature, how (un-)predictable we are and much, much more!