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Let’s play!


Games – who doesn’t like them? From our early childhood on we engage in playing. Some of the games have an educating purpose, such as a quiz or a strategy game, some are embedded in a physical activity and we call them sports, and some games we play for entertainment purposes in a social environment, for instance, in form of board or card games. One of the simplest and, hence, most popular games that not only children know how to play is Rock‑Paper‑Scissors (RPS). It is a game that only requires two things: A partner to play with and an empty hand. It can easily be played anywhere and any time, and it purely depends on luck – or does it not? And what use is this game for psychology?

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Cognition, Decision Making

Are we too optimistic?

Smoking kills

Professional success, financial security, a healthy life and a happy family: Who would not wish for these and hope for a bright future for themselves and their loved ones? Dreaming of overly positive and desirable life events to take place in our future is nothing unusual, but dreams don’t necessarily reflect what we realistically would expect to happen at any time to come, would they?

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Have you ever wondered what makes us work the way we do? For instance, right after switching off the alarm and getting up, who hasn’t had the feeling of going on ‘autopilot’ at times, when having a shower, getting dressed and preparing breakfast, but why do we get grumpy if we then don’t get our beloved cup of coffee because we forgot to buy coffee the previous day?

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